Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One More month.. tomorrow!

Tomorrow (the 14) it will only be one month till our wedding. I cant believe it!! It seems like we just got engaged, time really does fly when you are in school. Trey and I have been busy with school, and planning our life together. We are both really excited, and still find time to watch some of our favorite shows .. we have a lot of favorite shows.. we are such junkies...

I just wanted to share the great news that we only have one more month until I become a Leonard.. its still growing on my but I am getting there... I will always be a Ballsteadt deep inside :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This blog post is pretty random..but I have been on a music kick lately... well I always have been. I am that person that when I hear a song on the radio I like I scribble the name of the song on a receipt in my car, and download it as soon as I got home. I also have been listening to music a lot because I have massive amounts of homework.. (enya is what I usually listen too while doing homework.. it helps me just relax).

In short turn off the TV and blast your radio.. clean, do your homework, or sing along.. you'll feel better I promise :)