Tuesday, May 25, 2010

words from my New Husband

Today while sitting in the Airport eating panda express Trey told me that, quote "You have a lot of blogging to do when you get home, your last blog was like way before our wedding" I had to catch myself from choking on my orange chicken that I had just put in my mouth lol

... Thank you Trey for the love and support. Ha but really I know that I am not the most excellent blogger in the world, but I really do believe the occasional post every 3 weeks is pretty impressive considering that I was a full time student, had a job, and was planning our wedding (which was like running a marathon)

So with no further remarks I am letting who ever reads this know that "I have a lot of blogging to do when I get home" .. BE EXCITED :)


The Leonards...In COSTA RICA :) hard life.. I know

Also.. I would like to thank my big sister Christina for all her love and support at my wedding, I know she made many sacrifices to be there.. Isnt she BEAUTIFUL!

Love you sissy pants :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010