Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am Legal

I am finally legal, I turned 21 on Saturday I thought I would feel a lot older but I only feel younger! I have realized I am very young and I am married. I am sure when people see trey and I they are shocked we are married especially with Treys baby face and all :).

Anyway, this weekend was so great Trey treated me like a princess and got me a TREADMILL off ksl!!! I know I am weird but I've wanted a treadmill for a long time. It will keep me sane during the cold, long winter days here in Logan.

On my birthday Trey told me we could do anything I wanted...... I wanted to go on a short hike with the dogs and my parents. Turns out we walked about 8 miles .. it seemed a lot shorter the last time I did it. Trey was a huge sport (he really hates hiking) but I guess thats what love is all about. Then my mom took Trey and I to Lonestar for lunch, one of my favorite past times the steak tacos are to die for. After lunch trey and I watched a show about dogs (another thing I love.. but he does too) and slept. For dinner we went to Asain Star.. another favorite past time. It was the perfect day with the people I love the most!

My mom also spoiled me for my birthday along with buying me lunch she got me mac makeup, a sweater and a cute purse. My sister Christina got me black stretchy pants that I've wanted ever since I saw her wearing them.... I love them :)

In short my birthday weekend was one of the best ever, . I am so grateful for Trey and our marriage, we have a lot of fun together and I can wait for the future birthdays :)

Asian Star

The awesome Treadmill

Sunday dinner with the family

My amazing parents (the hike didn't phase them)

The love of my life :)
It did phase Trey

My sister Christina put cute sticky notes all over the mirror at grandmas (where I work) it
made my day.. thank you so much sissy.

Friday night Trey had a soccer game in Provo, and his fun cousins came to support.


Monday, September 27, 2010


A couple weekends ago my brother Joe and I ran a 5k together... we were planning on doing the Logan half, but we procrastinated and it was full. Joe and his beautiful pregnant wife Camille were our first guest to our new home. I love them both, and I am so glad we are family.

I have been running races since my sophomore year of high school thanks to my sister Alison who talked me into running the salt lake half marathon.... thats when the attraction started. Ever since then all 3 of us have been running races together. I have such fun memories of running these races, there is something about accomplishing something that may be difficult or you may be scared of... it feels great...

Here are some pictures of the event Joe took 5 overall, and I took 3rd place among the females. Joe and I are both wearing black

I know I look a little scary.. I was tired... hah

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trip to SLC

Yesterday Trey and I went down to Salt Lake because his mom (Denise) is in town helping Trey's sister move in. We met treys mom, sister, and brother in law at Rodizio Grill... if you have never been to Rodizio Grill, I highly suggest that you go. Its a brazilian stakehouse (all you can eat) Needless to say we came home feeling very full.

It was so nice to see Treys mom because we hadn't seen her in almost two months. I wish that they lived closer so we could do more fun things with them more often.

Treys sister is also pregnant.. the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen! We can't wait for he/she to arrive in November.