Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Monday

I know Mondays are rough... but today I am trying to be more happy on Mondays :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


My Dad is really into genealogy and family history.. he also happens to be quite good at it and has written over 6 books from both sides of my family's history.

He is currently teaching the "Family History Class" in our church and its by far one of my favorite classes I've ever been too. The class consists of everyone writing memories from their childhood and sharing with the class. He also teaches the class how to use the Church's family history site (that anyone can use to track down there ancestors).

Trey and I have been the class many times and every time I go it always touches me in special ways. As a generation we don't realize how important it is to know where you've come from, and who's come before. Its one of the greatest gifts anyone can receive. My dad urges the class to write down memories consistently whether it's a paragraph or 10 pages long.

We have decided that every sunday we will type a childhood memory and a memory for our relationship. Today was our first day, it was so neat to read them to each other and I cant wait to see how many memories we can come up with. I also think it will be really cool for our future generations to read our history.

So I encourage anyone who reads this to try writing your memoirs :)

Thanks Dad :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Already Excited

Is it weird that I am already excited for Valentines Day?

I just love holidays, something to look forward to during Logan winters...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Again

Our long christmas break finally ended-- and believe me it was a much needed break, I wasn't sure what to do with myself for a while because I didn't have to worry about homework, cooking ect. We spent Christmas with my family it was so nice to be there and not have to worry about life. I really love my family, and get homesick every time I leave them. Trey of course spoiled me for christmas workout clothes, a new purse, more workout clothes, an I-pod shuffle (long story) and some other things. I loved being married this Christmas and love Trey, he is such a great husband and friend.

The day after Christmas we went to BEAUTIFUL Hayden Lake, Its unbelievable there, a winter wonderland. We met Treys family at the cabin where we both got some Lululemon.. gosh if I have money to blow my whole workout wardrobe would be Lulu.. in time. We loved the cabin especially Trey. Snowboarding anytime he wanted, and getting to be with his dog A.J. :) I love the Leonard family and can't wait to see all of them again. I think one of my favorite parts of the break was getting to see baby Ellie. She is such a beautiful baby, and brit is an amazing, patient mother. I am not going to lie.. I have been desensitized to new babys in the family because I have 30 nieces and nephews.. and I can't say that I want kids anytime soon. However baby Ellie broke me.. there is something about baby's that just melts your heart and I know that when I become a mother my life will change forever, but for the good..... When I am ready .. hah

Anyway the break was perfect, and school isn't too bad either I love my major and we are almost done.

Have a good week

beautiful mother in law!

umm hi are we married ?

Baby Levi
We look so lovely
I love dogs.. thats just the way it is
My sweet Grandma Marriott