Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 1

This first week of Boston has been hard/exciting. I am starting to love it here (besides the heat). There is something about being in a big city, a vibe that you would never find in a small town.

I have decided that while I am here I am going to be more adventurous with my cooking. My cousins wife and her friend started a blog called http://www.greenshakesandgiggles.com/ it has amazing recipes and they are all extremely healthy. I made this salsa this week and it was so good.. even if it doesn't look great.

 I also have fallen even more in love with the pond by my house :)

My weakness.. Lululemon

 We went to New England's largest Aquarium

 Ate at our FAVORITE place so far. This place is NOT Mexican they have Mexican, Thia, teriyak, and buffalo burritos just to name a few, and the most amazing smoothies yum!
Copley Square 

 and over the weekend we got half off tickets to the "Blue Man Group" It was like a disco party! 

More adventures coming soon :) 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

365 Days

I know I have been blogging like crazy, its not usually the case since my life isn't too exciting. But I had a lot happen this month, some extra time on my hands and this deserves a blog post.. which is way overdue.

Happy Year Anniversary to us,  on May 14!

I love Trey more than anything, he really is my better half.. seriously me single is not pretty, Miss think I am all "independent", not willing to try new things, and sassy.. well I am still sassy.

Trey is my best friend, he still calls me his "bride" tells me I am beautiful every day, makes me laugh a couple times a day, occasionally runs errands (which he hates), and does little things that he knows make me feel special and loved all the time. Overall he makes me the happiest version on myself I can be. This year has been a year I know we'll look back and say, "those were some of the best days of my life".

For our Anniversary we went on a cruise, it wasn't at all what we expected but we had fun people watching and being with each other. Trey surprised me and got a band to match my already beautiful wedding ring. He remember I said someday I wanted one, and it totally made me cry. Right now its getting re-sized but when its done ill put up a picture.

Sorry for the soppy love post..

This is my pathetic note that says "Its our anniversary"

The book I made for Trey, its our first year together

My new ring!  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Caving in and Audjusting...

If you read my previous posts I mentioned how there is a pizza place on seriously every corner in Boston and they all say, "Best Pizza in Boston"... How on earth would you pick a pizza place after they all say the same thing?? Well I met up with Trey after he got off work and yes we caved and went to the "The Upper Crust Pizzeria" it was delicious! We got the BBQ chicken pizza, by far the best I've ever had... so if all the pizza places are as good as this one.. I better start running more.

This first week of Boston has been like the week of trial and error.  I am having to step far out of my comfort zone and learn to adapt.  For example: the first time I took the bus I stared at every single person that got on (culture shock).... at one time I think I was the only "white" girl on the bus. Now I don't stare at everyone just the interesting ones.

 I have learned that when you don't have a car, a simple trip to the grocery store can take 3 hours.. especially if you miss your bus stop, or can't find it. You have no idea how many times I've said, "Excuse me can I ask you a question, I am lost"? In the past three days, and on top of that you have to carry all your groceries my arms were bleeding today from carrying the heavy bags all over downtown Boston.

I am sure none of you have ever dripped sweat while doing laundry? yeah well today I looked like I had just run wind sprints. The laundry room is in the basement of our apartment.. but in order to get there I have to to go out a door in our master bed room and down these rickety stairs all the way to laundry room with happens to be in the broiler room, which this morning was probably 90 degrees. After running up and down those stairs I almost didn't need to work out.

This is the rickety stair case

The best part of the day was discovering I have a pond/lake/park right by my house that has a running trail around the whole thing. There are lots of people, birds, obese squirrels, and turtles.. today I almost smashed a baby turtle.. he was was far from the lake and I think this old man could see the look of distress on my face and he picked him up and put him back in the water.

I am really starting to love Boston and the big city, but miss my husband during the day. Trey works so hard and is gone from 8:15 till about 6-7.

I think he's pretty happy now though..... he's playing Fifa just in case you couldn't tell

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So Far ..

The little I know about Boston so far:

-Everyone wears an Ivy League sweatshirt..even if that person doesn't look like they went to Yale, or  Harvard. 
-There are over 500 Colleges here!!!
-In Jamaica Plain (Where we live) I hear a siren about every hour, or someone honking for more than a normal honk should last... 
-People here walk a lot, or take the bus.... (only the crazy ones drive)
-The buses are the king of the road... 
-There is a Pizza Shop on almost EVERY corner.. pizza must be a big thing here.
- Its beautiful here, the buildings look like they've been here for years.

So far that's all I can think of, but Trey and I are having fun, we enjoy being with each other in this new place, and making memories that we will remember for a long time.
Yesterday was Treys first day and he worked from 9-7 poor guy was really tired when he got home.

I on the other hand have been quite lazy. I have been sick for almost 2 weeks now, I got on an antibiotic and then it came back.  Now Trey is tired and gets to listen to his wife cough all night..I hope to get better soon:)

Monday, May 23, 2011

We made it!

Trey and I have finally made it to Boston.. here are a few pictures of our first adventures.. more detail coming soon.

Trey's First Day Of Work

View from our front window

Family Room


Bathroom 1

Christina's Future Bedroom

Our Room

2nd very small Bathroom



After taking the bus to Target

Trey is sick of "running errands"