Monday, June 27, 2011

When In Rome

Have you ever had a sugar high headache? I had one all weekend. Before we came to Boston Trey and I were stressing about the usual things poor college students stress about. Right before we left my smart mother-in-law and sister in law told us, “Just have fun and enjoy it”. During our time in Boston we’ve been quoted saying, “When in Rome” a fair amount, this basically means even though we’re poor college students we wanted to make the best of this opportunity we had to live in Boston just the two of us and have fun. We've shopped around (not too much), and had yummy food and desserts.. which would lead to my sugar headache. The north end of Boston is where all the Italians live, and it also happens to be home of some of the best Italian food and Mikes Pastries. Mike’s is always crowded the line goes out the door every day. Good news is the line moves fast. Here is what we indulged ourselves in this weekend:)

cookies n cream cannoli

red velvet cupcakes

my favorite spaghetti

the famous lobster tail

Our Nike frees we got a couple weeks ago..they are awesome for running. And yes Trey convinced me to get the bright colors..stepping out of my comfort zone.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rachel H.

This morning I signed into an old email, I believe my brother Joe helped me set up that one.... :)

Anyway I was reading all the emails I had saved over the years.. and let me remind you I used this email when I was in like  5-8 grade or so.  I came across some very interesting emails... some from old crushes etc.

But the email that brought a huge smile to my face was from my childhood best friend Rachel Henriksen.. Rachel and her family moved across the street when she was probably 3 and we've been friends ever since.. literally. Some of my most favorite childhood memories have her in it. I love Rachel so much. She came to Utah State and lived 2 doors down from me, was a bridesmaid at my wedding, and now comes to my house every Monday to watch the Bachelor. She is truly one of my best friends, and I miss her. She is currently in Thailand having all sorts of fun adventures.. I cant wait till we are both home again so we can eat some Mac N cheese:)

Rachel I hope you don't care if I share your poem... its just so cute :)

March 2, 2005

K- dont laugh- its really cheesy- but HERE GOES

Mary Alice Ballstaedt

When we were only tiny Mary,
I moved in next door
We never imagined we’d be the best of friends,
By all the silly memories we made-
Take our cheeze-it eating for example, and strawberry fruit snacks galore
Or how about those boiling summer afternoons when we’d sneak to our freezers and shave the ice from off the frozen shelves
You do remember don’t you, those late nights we spent playing Frogger from only the light of the TV?
Remember our mud pancakes, or our flower dying business?
 What about those silent days that were only broken by the squeaking of the swings?
Or the blasting of Selina singing I will survive?
We swung carelessly, never embarrassed or shy with each other, like two peas in a pod
My favorite adventure I think we’ve spent together, would have to be with Alex Cole
Singing Girl you’re my Angel
We both knew he was SIZZLIN’
But we were on 6 or 7
I will keep the details secret, as we both swore under oath
I won’t ever forget the amazing hours we spent together, including those at Juli’s soccer games, making tapes in your room, going to the zoo, birthday parties, and sleepover manias!
 As the years press on, we are slowly growing farther and farther apart
But I will always remember you…

I am glad we didn't grow too far apart Rachie :) 

I wish I had a picture with me of when we were little

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is my Jam

For today.. at this very moment.. this song makes me feel alive.. not my usual jam... but I really like it..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


After many years of carrying around my over sized makeup bag (more like a box). My sister Christina finally talked me into De-potting all my Mac eye shadows I've collected over the years.  Its one of the best things I've ever done, and I got FREE mac makeup out of it. For every six empty mac containers you take in, you get 1 free eyeshadow, lipstick, or gloss.  Overall I ended up spending about $25 for the empty pallets, but in the long run its totally worth it. My eye shadows have lasted me since my sophomore year in high school when I started collecting them. And instead of paying $14.50 for eyeshadow, you pay $11.00 for the pallet form.

If you want to know how I did it email me or look up on You tube.. I used the hair straightener technique

My free makeup

All free besides the lip gloss (I bought that)

All I need is 5 more :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Vinysa Flow

 The past year I have been trying to get back into yoga and its been pretty difficult because living in Logan there aren't many studios, and its hard to just slow down and do it.  Then I got introduced to Lululemon (Abi, Denise thanks a lot) and actually interviewed for a store here in Boston, sadly I wont be here long enough to get hired but the atmosphere, and community is amazing... not to mention their workout clothes have become one of my biggest weaknesses. Eventually I would love to work for their company... anyway side track

So, my father-in-law introduced me to this web site It has saved me. Its a yoga studio based out of LA that films all their classes. Its only $18 dollars a month, they have new classes every day, you can chose the length, level, and teacher. I have found myself craving Yoga more and more. Every class I feel rejuvenated and its making me a lot more flexible, and stronger. I am hoping that it also helps with my knee injury. There are still poses that I see the instructors do and can't imagine my body twisting that way, but someday I hope to do the really cool stuff like this.. After a ton of practice...

A handstand without a wall (if you couldn't tell what this is)