Friday, September 30, 2011

Dropping Love Notes

Three years ago today I was a freshman who was a little broken, just chopped my hair off and in an unfamiliar place. On September 30 I was walking out of class, wearing my good old tiger shirt and gold earrings that day I felt like I should go to the Library. I fought it and walked right past the library... then ended up turning around because I could hear my mom and sister Abi barking in my head, "If you want to meet people and make friends you need to go to social places where people hang out, like the library". My mom's guilt trips always get me. Walking in the library I saw that all the tables were full, besides one. There was a guy sitting there with his back faced towards me and I thought, "why not he looks cute from the back".  As I sat down I perked up a little because this guy was pretty cute, he glanced up at me and then continued doing is homework. As I sat there waiting for my second class to start I was wishing this kid would just talk to me, but whatever homework he was doing he would not take his eyes off it. When the time came for my next class I slowly got up to leave, put my books back in my bag extra slow, hoping he would say something...nothing. I left the library thinking I would never see him again. 

Later that day I came back to the library, I had one more class and it would be pointless to walk home. Walking into the library my stomach dropped, there was the same kid from earlier except he was sitting with two girls.. "what a player" I thought. I did not want him to think I was stalking him so I sat somewhere out of sight, and started to work on my homework.  The time went on and I peaked to see if the guy had left and he had,  I carried on with homework. About ten minutes later I looked up to see someone briskly walking past my table and dropped a piece of paper without even looking back. It was the guy from earlier, and this is what the note said. 

"To cross paths with you again and not talk to you would be my loss"

Trey Leonard 
(his number)

....Hope to hear from you

This is how it all started a little note that was dropped by my husband :) To this day I still can't beleive I kept the note.. I just thought it was so cute. Oh, and the girls he was sitting by the second time I came in .. "came and sat by him" haha  The rest is history!

Monday, September 26, 2011


I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. I was completely spoiled with surprises and lots of  Lululemon. I am so grateful for my amazing family and Trey. 

Best Cake

He wore this shirt in honor of me :)

Mr. Jet

Our little family

2 of the 6 sisters

Jet wanted to help open presents

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

House Guests

This past weekend we had some house guest. One was small and the other beautiful and talented. Treys sister Madison surprised him and flew all the way from Pepperdine to watch his soccer game... and I secretly sneaked my little Jet in.

It was such a fun weekend, and we loved having both house guest. I miss having Jet follow me around the house and sleeping on my clothes I can't wait for him to be with us permanently.

This little face!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

All I wanna do

Is listen to this song over and over ....

I think we can all relate to this song at some point in out lives

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cleaning Monday

I've been gone all weekend and my house is a mess.

I have a date with this guy....

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Preface...this post is personal

Today I've cried.. No its not been a bad day but a day full of emotions and new purpose.  I am sure the mixture of this day being 9/11 and strong emotions through my faith have helped.  I will never be able relate to those who were personally effected by 9/11. Everyone experiences pain in different ways. We will never be able to bring back those who've lost their lives.

But we can do something to help others remember us when we leave this earth.  

I know before I've talked about how my Dad loves family history, has written books about his parents and my mothers parents and beyond, and teaches a class about it.  I am sure this sounds overwhelming, and a little boring. But to me family history isn't just about knowing where you came from, or doing work for those who have already died. Its about leaving my legacy for my kids to remember me.  I am so grateful that my family and husband will not only be with me forever on this earth but for eternity.  It makes me overwhelmed with emotion to have the privilege to know and believe this. By leaving and collecting meaningful journals, pictures, videos, and material objects we can be remembered and remember others. Our time on this earth is short, and I know without a doubt its not the end. But by leaving bits of me I know my generations to come to know and always remember me.

Friday, September 2, 2011

School days

Its our last semester of college and I couldn't be more excited to graduate. I remember my freshman year of college I was sure I would only stay in Logan for one year, and then go to the U of U or something..  never did I plan on graduating from Utah State. I am proud of myself, and ready to move on. I will however enjoy this one last semester.