Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Weekend Of Love

This was one of my favorite Valentines day. Trey was my Valentine 2 years running.. and I am pretty sure I'll keep him around. I had to work this weekend in SLC so Thursday night I decorated Treys room and got him this video game he wanted real bad.. even though I cant stand them, Its all about love right?

On Sunday when I came home there were cute notes, and a trail of roses leading to surprises he is so cute. Monday we went snowboarding and it was such a blast (thank you Trey for making me learn), then he took me to Hamiltons for dinner!! I LOVE YOU TREY BABE

Also Valentines Day was our 3 month mark.. yay for MAY 14!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Aggie Basketball Games

This weekend we went to the Utah State basketball game... and they are notorious up here. It was a good game. I always feel bad for the other team at the end of the game when USU fans are yelling "loosing team, Winning team" Pointing directly to the loosing team.
And on another note.. if you ever get that chance to watch Trey at the games.. he is screaming like a child that just had his dog stolen from him.. its very entertaining..

I almost forgot! One of my best friends growing up got married on Friday. They got engaged a year ago and then he went to Iraq for a year. I wouldn't have been able to do that.. she is a strong woman. So glad they finally got married :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Lets be honest... I have sucked at this lately....

So if we are being honest.. I have sucked at this whole blogging thing for the past.... I dont know Three weeks since our last post. I PROMISE I will get better if anyone is even reading this. (Rachel our number one fan)

Here is a list of reasons why I have been off the grid lately.

1. I dont even have time to think clearly with all the homework I have..
2. "The Mentalist" need I say more.. patrick jane
3. Wedding planning! That is actually going very well.. (coming soon a blog about everything we have gotten done.. trey is such a good sport. I love him!)
4. Time
5. Time

So that is my short list of why I suck lately... but it will be better dont give up on me now.. until then here is a great song.