Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My life through pictures

One of my best friends got married, Trey did a triathlon, Jet learned to swim, I ran the big cottonwood half, turned 23, started teaching TRX, and mommy to two cute puppies

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The dreaded grocery store

Not sure when in my life grocery shopping became such a dreaded even in my life . I am one who really loves to eat food just not pick it out. Maybe its because every time I check out at the cash register I am cringing as it jumps from $25 to $100!!!  wonder if I was rich and famous would I like it because I would have a lot of money..scratch that if I was rich and famous I wouldn't be at a grocery store.. there are peasants for that :)

Maybe I need to take a cooking class. There really are two problems here.. lack of money, and lack of knowledge about how to make really healthy food. I would say I am a pretty healthy eater but it takes talent to make broccoli taste good... talent that I just don't have.

End of vent.

Tomorrow I will go grocery shopping, buy lots of yummy food, and be the best house wife ever...

(but really does anyone else agree with this post?)

- MA