Thursday, November 28, 2013

thanksgiving food babies, and real babies

I am grateful for my growing belly and my Trey. My life is far from perfect and sometimes It hard too be grateful for trials in our life. But I know how blessed we truly are. 

here is more growing belly, I love this little girl already and can't wait to meet her:) 

19 weeks! almost half way!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Small Speed BUMP

I have not done the greatest job at documenting my growing belly, but here are some pictures

This is at 9 weeks. After a home workout 

12 weeks or 15 but I am pretty sure its 12 ? 

I finally made Trey take some pictures of me yesterday after church.. I am a little over 16 weeks here. The skirt isn't doing anything for my bubble butt :) 

I assume in the next couple weeks she will make a bigger appearance :) 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

pregnancy test, pregnant, and baby girl

I ve been a terrible blogger.  But there has been some exciting things happening in our family...

Aug 20th Finding out we were pregnant... I was feeling tired, starting freaking out that there could be a possibility that I was pregnant. I drove to the store got a pregnant test and went to the self checkout line...peed on the stick and both game out with a big "PREGNANT" ... I cried.. out of sadness at first, I was in shock, we both were. A day later I was very excited.. Trey was always excited :)

i took four test just to make sure 


I was pretty miserable for the first three months... I was sick literally all day, then I broke my wrist pretty early on which was a challange in its self.  I was one of those girls that claimed I WOULD eat so healthy during my pregnancy.. well that doesn't really go the way you want when you don't want to eat anything but potatoes... and bread.

how we announced our pregnancy 

documenting my broken wrist.. I got my cast off and eventually just had a brace..

this is the first picture of the baby. It was a really cool experience, the baby was just moving around like crazy. It became very real for me then. 

the day we found out we were having a baby girl :) 

I am excited/nervous to meet our little girl. I know that being a mom will be a huge challenge but the best thing we could ever do. 

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