Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2 months

Liv is two months old. Its going by so fast, I wish she could stay small forever. 
-She loves to smile
-loves baths.. but hates getting out
-likes to take cat naps
-being held by mommy
-Drink milk

Saturday, June 14, 2014

blessings of the babe

I think I've almost forgotten what its like to not have a baby in the house, although I think Jet and Doc are still getting used to not being number one anymore (don't worry they still get lots of love, walks and Doc is still sleeping on our bed).  Having a baby has been an adjustment but at the same time I am surprised with myself with how well I've just picked up and gotten used to it. She is a fun little baby, and over all is a pretty easy baby.

Liv being in our home:

Since bringing Liv home from the hospital she has loved to stare at the wall in her room when I am changing her diaper (see picture below) and at 6 weeks started smiling a lot at her wall. I was telling my older sister Ann this (she had a baby girl just two weeks before Liv) and she said, "I wish we could see the angels she is smiling at". Honestly I never thought about that until she said it. I know that the viel is so thin, and after having a baby I honestly don't know how the church/heavenly father couldn't be real. There were times in the first two weeks of having Liv that at times I felt there were angels helping me, guiding me and keeping me calm. Having a new baby can be very challenging mentally and physically. I know there were and are angels helping me. My parents are currently on a service mission in Russia and I know that we are receiving so many blessings because of their sacrifice, and willingness to serve. 

Blessings: Trey became unemployed on the last day of February just less than two months before baby Liv was born. It was a long time coming and only a matter of time before he quit. He had been unhappy for a very long time. 
But at the same time this was a very huge trial/Blessing in disguise. I think heavenly father knew I needed Trey to help me before the baby came and after. He was able to be with Liv and I for 4 weeks after she was born before he started a new job... It was amazing. I know many people are constantly waiting for the "perfect moment/time" to have kids (including myself). There is no right time, and your never going to have enough money. You just have to leap and put all your trust in the lord that things will work out. My mom always said "blessing will just start pouring in once you have kids".. and honestly there were times when I didn't believe her. I would tell her we are pregnant and having a kid and so many things are going wrong.... how silly was I. It was just a time in our lives when we needed to learn lessons and realize how many endless blessings there were in our lives. We needed to learn the money couldn't make everything better. We had to live in the now and be grateful for everything we had.. not how happy we would be when Trey started making millions ;) 

Marriage Adjustment:
I minored in child development, but also took a marriage in family class. I learned a lot.. especially about throwing kids into the mix. Now that I am living I realize how hard it can be. Its so easy to just forget about your spouse and just focus on baby.. because baby literally takes all your time. Trey and are still trying to find the balance and remember to show each other how much we love and care about on each other. We have to remember it our love that brought the little babe here. 

being a parent/mom is really hard... but one of the most fulfilling thing I've done, its not perfect and there are many ups and downs. Everyday is a new challange and reward. I am grateful for her in my life and everything she teaches me.

Monday, June 2, 2014

One Week Photo Shoot

Eventually I will catch up on this blog.. but for now here are some pretty amazing photos taken by Brittany, Treys sister when Liv was just a week old. Brittany is wonder woman.. lawyer, amazing mom, birth coach, and takes beautiful pictures-- she is pretty much my idol:)

I loved these pictures because they were taken at out house in the nursery