Friday, July 29, 2011

Its the puppies fault ...

As many of you can see I haven't blogged since we got home from Boston.  To be totally honest I've just been enjoying being home and doing summer activities. Not to mention my parents have baby puppies which I am obsessed with..  So between work, family stuff,swimming, and holding puppies I've had no desire to blog..

We are going to beautiful Hayden lake on Monday to visit Trey's family. We are both very excited and my sister and little brother are even coming for a week:)

So until I have a desire to blog again.. this is all you get

Friday, July 8, 2011

Home is where the heart is..

I am ready to go home. I've loved Boston and its been such a fun adventure for Trey and I. The city is beautiful and holds a lot of historical treasures, but home is where my heart is. I  miss my family, my apartment, my car.... well there are a lot of things I miss. We leave a week from tomorrow and I am hoping it goes by fast. I am ready to start my summer... yes start it. Its  extremely hot in Boston.. but there are no pools, no mountains for hiking, and BBQ's on the patio... It really just doesn't feel like summer here.

Okay enough with my sob story. I think everyone reaches that point whether they're on a vacation or an extended business trip when we all just need to go back home. Home to where things may not be normal but make us feel happy and secure. I truly think this has been a good experience for me, Boston is night and day compared to Utah and its been helpful for me to see what the rest of the world is like. It helps me become a more well rounded person. I believe its important for everyone to step outside there comfort zone every once in awhile.. we can become so sheltered and close minded. Experiences like this one make me grateful for everything I have and for my faith.... so Ill say it one more time, "I wanna go home"

This sob story post would not be complete without the one and only Michael Buble

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have a friend who was lucky enough to visit Germany and had the opportunity to go to an actual concentration camp.  She wrote a blog post about her experience and it inspired me to share these photos from the Holocaust memorial here in Boston.  Ever since I read "The Diary of Anne Frank" in school and learned about the Holocaust I have been drawn to the history of the Holocaust (Its weird I know.)

The memorial in Boston is breath-taking. There are tall glass towers, each tower representing a concentration camp. The towers are lined with numbers. These number represent every Jew that was killed during this tragic time in our history.  As you walk from one tower to the next steam rises from the ground to represent the gas chambers. I found myself getting emotional as I walked through the memorial. I am grateful that I am able to learn, and somewhat morn for those who lost their lives. I realize even now horrific things like this are still going on in our world today. I hope someday it will all end.

""At first the bodies weren't burned they were buried, In January, 1944 we were forced to dig up the bodies so they could be burned, when the last mass grave was opened, I recognized my whole family. My mother, my sister and their kids, they were all there"- Holocaust survivor

I cant remember all the words, but this one was about 2 friends. One friend found a raspberry on the ground and kept it in their pocket all day, it was their only possession and at the end of the day he/she gave the raspberry to their friend.

"My younger sister went up to a Nazi soldier with one of her friends, standing naked, embracing each other she asked to be spared. He looked into her eyes and shot the two of them. They fell together in their embrace, my sister and her young friend"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cape Cod

This past weekend has been one of my favorites since we got here. Trey and I drove to Cape Cod, and I can't tell you how amazing it was to be driving in a car instead of sitting on a crowded bus! We drove up Saturday morning and unfortunately we did hit some traffic but once again I didn't care.. we were in a car.

Before we got married Trey told me he was going to try and make me laugh everyday and this weekend he had me laughing to the point of me feeling embarrassed to be in a restaurant. Thank you Trey for making me laugh everyday.. don't ever stop.

Here are some pictures from the beach the water was freezing but its on Trey's bucket list to swim in every ocean.

I love this boy :)