Friday, April 11, 2014

2 weeks notice

Well,  I think those pregnancy hormones have finally kicked in at 38 weeks. Its hard to describe how I've been feeling lately. Today, was a little rough. I feel anxious and excited all at the same time... I feel like a ticking time bomb...literally:) like I am getting ready for this really huge thing, and I am not sure when its going to happen, or how I will handle it.

I am also starting to get uncomfortable, and tired. My bed time rolls around at about 9:30-10 every night.. with me usually waking up about five times. Just getting me ready right:)

My poor husband had to deal with me crying over nicking Jets ear while cutting his hair (trying to save money) It started bleeding all over the place and I just cried like a baby for hurting him. Note to self.. don't do things like this at almost 9 months pregnant.

On a happier note. Treys beautiful sister took some cute baby bump pictures with Trey and I.. I know they are cheesy but hey you have to at least have a few. Enjoy:) She is an amazing photographer.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April showers bring May flowers....and babies

While visiting my sister in California I had some maternity pictures taken on the beach. They turned out really great and it was special to have my sister there to help.  I was 35 weeks when these were taken.. I am almost 37 now..eeek 

baby update:

How Far Along? Almost 37 weeks 
Weight Gain: About 14 lbs 
Maternity Clothes? Yes, and no. I wear the t-shirts..sweats, and mostly lulu leggings. 
Sleep? my back aches all night.. my pregnancy pillow helps, but I think I need a massage.
Best moment this week? buying our baby strollers (amazing gift), and finding out I am dilated and this baby will come by her due date.
 Weird pregnancy moment? feeling like my uterus is going to fall out if I walk too fast 
 Movement: She is head down now, so I always feel her little feel sticking out my sides.. hah its really cute
Anything making you queasy? labor.. being a mom...its scary.
Gender: GIRL
 What I'm looking forward to: Having baby out and being able to sleep on my back! 

My beautiful friends also threw me a Baby shower. It was so fun catching up with old friends and the baby girl got spoiled!