Thursday, March 27, 2014

march maddness

March in picture form

Baby showers, California trip to visit my sister, baby bump, hiking, and of course puppies :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

hubby's 27th

This past saturday was Treys 27th birthday, and boy am I glad he was born. I've been lucky enough to spend the past 5 birthdays with Trey and I always love devoting a day just to him...even though he hates it. I unfortunately was a little sick on his birthday.. I guess at 32 weeks your immune system starts sucking even more and you get sick a lot easier.

Anyway, in the morning we slept in, my brothers brought over donuts, went to lunch with our good friends, and then for dinner I made Trey choose where he wanted to eat, he came up with Reg Iguana. We ended up going to Red Iguana 2 because of the hour in a half wait at the original.. in my opinion the other one is just as good, and we had a lot of fun just going out the two of us before baby comes.. next month!

I pretty much love Trey and think I am the luckiest girl in the world, he always puts me first and is even reading a baby book about sleep/schedule because I was too overwhelmed with everything else I had to read. He works so hard for our little growing family, and makes me laugh everyday. 

Happy Birthday you handsome man. Love you! 

 Bathroom Prego Selfi 
 Trey's new birthday suit ;) 

Every year on his birthday I try to make his favorite meal (I know its not nearly as good as the way his mom makes it) He always wants steak, caesar salad, home made rolls (store bought in my case) and mashed potatoes